If you're thinking about coming to a new church, you probably have a lot of questions. Here are some answers to questions you might be asking about Bellevue Christian Church:

"What is a non-denominational Christian church?"

Simply, non-denominational means that we are not part of a larger denomination (like Methodists or Presbyterians, for example). We are affiliated with other Christian churches like ours and we often partner with churches of different denominations, but we do not have a formal hierarchy or governing body. Historically, we are rooted in the Restoration Movement, which sought to "restore" the pattern for church life set in the New Testament.

"What is a Sunday morning like?"

When you first arrive at the church, there will people to welcome you and answer any questions you might have.  We gather for about an hour and fifteen minutes to worship, listen to a message from the Bible and participate in communion.  You will probably notice that everything centers on Jesus. You will see a church community that looks like the neighborhood and is full of people who have followed Jesus their entire lives, people who are just getting started, people who are asking questions and people who just want to see what "church" is all about. Afterwards, many people stick around for conversation and light snacks in a room connected to the sanctuary that we call Café Connect.

"What about my kids?"

When you enter the front door, there will be a small kiosk where you can sign in and get a name tag for your kids. Since we want to see families worship together, we invite kids to participate in our worship service for the first few songs. Then, kids will be dismissed to go downstairs and participate in an interactive teaching time in our children's ministry. Each of our volunteers is required to go through safety and security clearances. You can find out more here.

"Where do I park?"

Most people park on Lincoln Avenue (it’s free on Sundays), behind WesBanco, or in the old Goodyear lot. We also have a few handicap spaces behind the church building and a wheelchair ramp for easier accessibility.

"What is discipleship and why do you care so much about it?"

"Disciple" is an ancient word that means student, learner or apprentice. Jesus invited men and women to be his disciples and sent them to make disciples of every neighborhood and nation. Disciples of Jesus are ordinary people who are learning to live everyday life like Jesus. This includes taking on the mind of Christ, putting on the character of Christ and participating in the mission of Christ. We see discipleship as a priority because Jesus saw it as a priority. Check out this video we created to find out more about what discipleship looks like at BCC, or listen to some of the sermons in this series.

"I grew up in a Catholic church. How is this different?"

Bellevue Christian Church is a Protestant church, which means that we are the result of a 16th-Century movement called the Reformation. Although there are many differences and similarities, one thing you will probably notice is that our church does not baptize infants. If you need help navigating some of the theological and practical differences, our lead pastor Chuck Gohn grew up in the Catholic church and will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

"I have more questions. Who can I contact?"

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