Bellevue Christian Church has deep roots in this neighborhood.

As the population of Bellevue began to grow in the late 1800s, the need for a non-denominational Christian church became apparent. On November 29, 1896, 44 people gathered for the first worship service in a crowded, third-floor room of a local building. It wasn't until November 10, 1899 that this small community began meeting in their own church building (the same building where we meet today).

Throughout its long history, Bellevue Christian Church has been known as a church that serves the local community in the name of Jesus. While we have sent many missionaries all over the world, we have always prioritized the needs of those who live right across the street. Although many local churches closed over the past few decades, Bellevue Christian Church has continued to thrive as a church that looks like the neighborhood (even as our neighborhood has become increasingly diverse).

In 2004, Chuck Gohn moved to Bellevue with his family and became the lead minister of Bellevue Christian Church. Under his leadership, we have navigated our city's cultural, religious and demographic changes while maintaining our devotion to the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ and to the local community.

In the past decade, we have launched new partnerships, local initiatives (like The Shepherd's Door) and even partnered with a growing Bhutanese congregation in order to reach more people with the gospel. With a renewed focus on training people to live like Jesus,  we are equipping local people to be even more effective at reaching out to their neighbors and the nations. As a result, we are in a new season of growth for Bellevue Christian Church.

Our story in this neighborhood isn't finished. We'd love for you to be a part of it, too.