What is the 10/10/20 Vision?


In 2018, Pastor Chuck and Debbie Gohn announced they will be retiring from their positions as lead pastor and worship minister around October 10, 2020. The primary goal of the 10/10/20 Vision is to identify and affirm the call of the next lead pastor of Bellevue Christian Church. In order to help us accomplish this, we want to see 10 healthy discipleship communities established, come together for 10 evenings of prayer and worship at Fight Night, and schedule 20 Meet-ups with Pastor Chuck for others to ask questions and receive
real-time responses about the transition of leadership.

The next Meet-up with Pastor Chuck is taking place on Thursday, September 26 from 6-7PM in Cafe Connect at Bellevue Christian Church. Pizza will be provided. If possible, please sign up in Cafe Connect.

Who is leading the transition?

We formed a leadership transition team comprised of a diverse set of church members to work with Dr. Jay Passavant of the Passavant Leadership Group, a faith-based consulting company our church hired to help successfully navigate the succession process.

The leadership transition team includes: Laura Brown, Ezra Dulis, Chuck Gohn, Bev Haller, Graham Johnstone, Samantha Myer, Joseph Paletta, Scott Thompson, Tammy Trevisan, and Shawn McWilliams.

A leadership transition prayer team was also established in order to faithfully cover the entire transition process in prayer.


What process are we following?


The transition team is working through a model for pastoral succession developed by Dr. Passavant as he retired as the founding pastor of North Way Christian Community Church and laid out in his book Seamless Succession: Simplifying Church Leadership Transitions. Dr. Passavant identifies seven phases in the biblically led succession of a ministry leader: Initiate, Cultivate, Communicate, Investigate, Integrate, Celebrate, and Evaluate.

Where are we now in the process?

Currently, we are in the Cultivate phase. This phase is where we prepare as a congregation for transition: making everyone aware of the coming change, getting involved in the process through meet-ups and prayer, and setting up channels of communication to move on to the next phase, 'Communicate.’

The transition team meets every two weeks to continue moving the process forward. To learn more about what the transition team is discussing and accomplishing each month, please read the Leadership Transition Meetings Summary.


What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions after reading through this page, please fill out the form below and a person from the transition team will respond to your question soon.

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