Our Vision

Bellevue Christian Church is a church where ordinary people learn to live everyday life like Jesus. We want to see what might happen in our local neighborhoods as ordinary people learn to live everyday life like Jesus in response to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our Values

Christ-Centered Worship
Everyone worships something, and how you live flows from who (or what) you worship. Worship is about more than singing a few songs on Sunday morning. It's about reorienting our entire lives around Jesus. See Romans 12:1-2.

Deep-Rooted Discipleship
When Jesus was walking the earth, he was inviting people to be his disciples (or, ordinary people learning to live everyday life like Jesus). That invitation hasn't changed. See Matthew 28:19-20.

Intentional Outreach
Outreach isn't an activity we do once-a-month or something we do by accident. Like discipleship, worship, and community, it's an intentional way of life. Each of us is called to join in God's mission to every neighborhood and nation. See 1 Peter 2:9-12.

Authentic Community
God designed us to do all of this together, as a family of brothers and sisters. This requires us go beyond surface-level friendships and into relationships where we can share our deepest wounds, fears, joys, and hopes without condemnation. See Acts 2:42-47.